Ikebana is a global corporate events agency that assists brands and companies in their event communication strategy by designing and producing professional events in France and abroad.

To create events with strong experiential potential for brands by implementing creative, technical, human, logistical and financial resources that are the operational reflection of the brand’s identity while promoting the destination in which the event takes place.


Scenography, concept, theme, we develop tailor-made events by enhancing the brand and strategy of our clients, respecting their constraints and their budget and by adding creative, innovative, digital and CSR content to achieve the desired impact.

We design and implement events with the support of a network of experts (our partners) covering all phases of the projects. We make proposals and recommendations for the choice of destination and service providers with a global vision of raising awareness about the eco-responsibility of the event.

We have 3 departments within the agency:

  • A receptive department: hosting events in France for foreign clients
  • A generalist department: following French clients for their event operations, whether in France or abroad
  • An event production department: Scenography, design and technical.

Every day we strive to respect the values that define us: inventiveness, adaptability, team spirit and commitment.

We integrate into the entire event organisation process, and therefore into each of our decisions and approaches, duty of care (preventing risks on all our events and controlling the impact of our activities), inclusion (regular consultations with our stakeholders and taking their expectations into account), integrity (adherence to the ethical principles of the professional sector and the ISO20121 standard) and transparency (objective, regular and accessible information on the progress made with our approach).


Environmental Issues: organise our offices and accompany all events in an eco-responsible way in terms of waste management and pollution reduction. Implementing a responsible supplier referencing policy by referencing suppliers who produce on our behalf and ensuring the proper management and/or recovery of waste. Valuing event returns with donations to schools or associations. Calculating the carbon footprint of client operations on request and offering them carbon offsetting.


Social Issues: The event industry is people-based and this is the element that we want to keep at the heart of our organisation. It is therefore obvious that we are committed to ensuring the well-being of our employees and freelancers, as well as our suppliers, by providing a safe, serene and rewarding working environment and by implementing a training plan to enable everyone to develop their skills and become aware of the challenges of responsible management.
We are also committed to passing on our know-how by sharing our knowledge and experience with future event professionals and within the industry.

Economic Issues: participate in local economic development through a responsible purchasing policy that promotes a local and circular economy. Collaborate with local companies and promote local and French production.
Promote and enhance our heritage, our French and local artists and craftsmen.


  • a tailor-made service adapted to the client’s needs and challenges, while offering eco-responsible solutions and services
  • internally, a trained team, with human values and in phase with our values, particularly around eco-responsibility
  • externally, peaceful and human supplier relations within the framework of properly organised and secure services.

For events held in France, Ikebana guarantees the use of the responsible management system and to comply with all regulatory obligations applicable to the proper management and guidance of events for which we will be responsible in accordance with the four principles of sustainable development – inclusion, integrity, vigilance and transparency – for the benefit of our stakeholders.

This is a long-term approach with the objective of continuous improvement.

The Management is also committed to ensuring that it has the support and resources necessary to implement all the requirements of the ISO 20121 standard and to maintain them over time.

The management of Ikebana is already very committed and hereby re-commits itself to continue and consolidate its actions in line with responsible management and mainly: in the promotion of local and cultural heritage, destination enhancement by promoting a circular economy, while offering its employees and partners a rewarding, safe and evolving working environment.

Ikebana is committed to capitalizing on its ability to listen to guarantee:

Elsa Renard - directrice associé
Laetitia Ricci - directrice associé