Founded in 2009, Ikebana is renowned for its brand approach, tailor-made touch, driving passion, involvement and creativity, all of which is orchestrated by irreproachable logistics.

Here are a few of our defining hashtags to show you why we are the ideal partner for your future events.

We seek authenticity whether that be in the destination, the venue, or the concept. Always detail-focused and never cliché!

A passionate and engaging team totally dedicated to your project.

At Ikebana, we don’t believe in overcrowding spaces but in the elegance of the right venue slection and the ability to create an atmosphere in keeping with the desired experience.

Proud of our country, its excellence and its know-how, we apply the same high level of expectation to our own organization, partners and suppliers.

Each project is unique, not only in the systematic suggestion of new ideas but also in the creation and personalization of your experience.

Creativity is always part of our recipe! We can sprinkle it in small amounts or make it the main ingredient of your event subject to your taste.
Always looking for new ideas, we are not afraid to seek and create new experiences for you.

Ikebana opted for the financial status of transparent intermediary which guarantees you clear, detailed and transparent cost management.

A client focused approach, the desire to satisfy and create a real partnership with you is at the heart of our project mangement model.

Ikebana is a multilingual team able to assist you with all your projects (French, English, German, Italian and Spanish).

Ikebana is internationaly represented by 3 entities: The DMC Advantage in the UK, We World Experts in the US & Canada and Kindalink in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Make your event the most immersive and memorable brand experience.