A seminar is not just a programme designed around a meeting room. It is also an ambience, the technical equipment, a warm welcome and a precise timing.

The organisation of your seminar must allow you to deliver your message, thus ensuring a successful event. In order to do this, your guests need to feel involved in the event and should enjoy their stay in addition to the working sessions.
Our role is to make sure that you only have to think about the contents of your meeting... The social program is our mission and we will ensure that it is in keeping with your corporate culture.

An incentive must also serve as a means of communication: whether it is about motivation or loyalty. The French Riviera has all the right qualities to serve this purpose!
Whether it is through sports activities, cultural, artistic and historical visits, or simply through meetings with the local population, incentives will help reinforce the cohesion of your teams, motivate your salesmen and secure the loyalty of your clients.
Our approach consists of bringing you our knowledge, advising you and anticipating your needs. We listen attentively to your requests and provide solutions to optimise your events.
With different themes, our proposals for social programmes can be inserted into your event as a one off, or as an overall scenario incorporating each aspect of your event.